Picroft problem

Hi Mycroft
I have just tried to get picroft to work ( I still do not have a mike or a speaker).
I can get him to to boot and am seeing code on the telly screen, but I can’t get him to do anything. I have SSHed into it from a laptop so I guess it is connected to internet. It says that I should see the contents of the speech log but nothing is happening. it also says to ./dev_setup.sh, but when I try it goes ‘No such file or directory.’ All I have is the picroft command prompt and a flashing curser.
Any Ideas what is wrong
Christmas can be a little disappointing sometimes!

Hi @aaron57, can you post a screenshot or a photo of what you see on the screen? Picroft is designed to be used with a mic or speaker; you will have a much better experience with a mic and speaker.

Hi Kathy
Thanks for your reply. Here is a screenshot of my picroft! mycroft%20problem%20screenshot|432x499
I will get mike and speakers as soon as, but am curious to see what its all about!
Hope you can open the png

Hi @aaron57 unfortunately when I click on the link to the .png, it doesn’t open, I don’t suppose you could try uploading it again?

Hope this is better

Thanks, that’s super useful.

Can you run the command ls -las and send me another screenshot?
I’m a little concerned because the ./dev_setup.sh file should be in that directory.

OK, we’re going to run update.sh instead.

Can you please try:

bash update.sh

and let me know how you go?

I have another screenshot for you. I got some kind of update, and it looks more like the mycroft I have seen before, but it is constantly disconnecting and connectiong and is not responsive.

oops sorry.
this is the screen shot of the reconnection error

Thanks @aaron57, these errors are seen when mycroft services are not running and the mycroft-cli tries to connect.

Can you reboot Picroft (easiest way is to disconnect and reconnect the Micro USB cable) and see if that boots into the CLI?

Yay Kathy
You’ve sorted him
Thanks so much for you time and effort on what should be a holiday, even for artificial intelligence

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You’re very welcome! We’re here help :slight_smile:

The ./dev_setup.sh file is in the mycroft-core sub-file.
Also from mycroft-core ‘./start-mycroft.sh debug’ will restart all the mycroft services.