Picroft Pandora Installation

Hey there, I am trying to install the pandora skill on Picroft but I ran into an error:

 04:35:01.263 | WARNING  |  1223 | msm.skill_entry | Failed to install dependencies.
 04:35:01.264 | WARNING  |  1223 | msm.skill_entry | Please install manually: pianobar piano-dev
 04:35:01.264 | INFO     |  1223 | msm.skill_entry | Problem performing action. Restoring skill to previous state...
 04:35:01.291 | INFO     |  1223 | msm.mycroft_skills_manager | invalidating skills cache
 04:35:01.296 | ERROR    |  1223 | SkillInstallerSkill | MSM failed: SkillRequirementsException(Could not find exes: pianobar)

It appears as though its having difficulty installing the dependencies, and is expecting me to install the skill manually. I don’t necessarily mind doing this if someone points me in the right direction as to how, but I am wondering if this is a known issue?


I too initially had an issue with pandora. Did you try the following?
sudo apt-get install pianobar