PiCroft on Raspi + Hifiberry

Hi there,

on Saturday my purchased order was here and i started with a new Picroft-installation (07-20-2019). Unfortunately it didn’t come along with a support for my hifiberry-Amp-board, which is on the GPIO.

The audio-Setup-Wizard doen’t find it. Also it doesn’t work with the ReSpeaker 2 mics PiHat. When starting the audio setup you can choose this (selection no. 5, Seeed.hat), but when trying to store the settings for Seeed-Hat as default audio it gives an error.

It tries to run a file called dfu.py. This file has its error in line 228 in module main() when trying to access File “…mycroft-core/venv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/click/core.py”
return self.main(*args,**kwargs)
and so on.

Later he gives me a "ValueError: No DFU device found.
jq - commandline JSON processor

and some hints for its usage.

Just tried to reinstall, but it won’t work.

Any idea, how the MicsPiHat and the hifi-berry will be supported`?

Thanx and

Hi Caruso,

One of the challenges of hardware is the range of devices that people want to use with Mycroft. Does the underlying system detect your amp?

The option you mentioned in the setup is for the Seeed Mic Array v2.0 not the PiHat, and dfu.py is from the firmware for that other mic array. So I’m not surprised that this didn’t work.

If you haven’t seen it already checkout our audio troubleshooting guide. First step is always getting a device to register with the raspbian audio stack, and then we can get it operating with Mycroft.