Picroft on Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB


I plan to try out Picroft and therfore have some questions concerning the hardware I should use:

  1. Does Picroft support the new Raspberry Pi 4B with 8GB RAM?
  2. Can Picroft use more than 4GB RAM on a Pi yet and does the increased RAM improve performance?


The latest image is running buster so there is no reason it should not run on RPi, mine is running off a 3B using the GoogleAIY kit that came with the magpi. I’m working on making it a bit ‘smarter’. My daughter is keeping me on my toes with that!

According to the following Issue on github it is not working yet:

OOTB, no (means with Picroft image). But you can copy the necessary files into /boot/.

8GB seems a bit over the top. Maybe if you want to go big on the gui side, but even a full fledged BigscreenOS (KDE Neon) is satisfied with 4. There would be some usecase in the Machine Learning departement… but mycroft itself? Not in the foreseeable future