Picroft Not supported why?

I would like to know why is Picroft Not supported on Raspberry Pi Zero ? can anyone answer me ?

My guess is the smaller memmory that makes it difficult to run mycroft.
The Pi Zeros only has 512 Mb ram while the “normal” Pi’s hs 1024 Bm ram.

Yep, the Pi Zero just doesn’t have the horsepower. Not only does it have only half the memory, it only has a single core (versus the quad-core Pi 3) and runs at 1 Ghz vs the Pi 3’s 1.2 Ghz and the Pi3+ at 1.4 Ghz clock speeds.

So, it is kinda like asking “why can’t my Yugo reach 190 MPH like a Porsche 911?” The Pi Zero is NOT a replacement for the Pi 3 – they are in a different class of computing device. Small and cheap can be great for some low power applications, but Mycroft is not one of those.


thank you steve :smiley: i really liked you Yugo example