Picroft new installation - no (output) sound in mycroft, works in aplay

Hi there,
I was using my picroft for few years now, but it has fallen apart after some update, so I decided to give it a clean start.
Downloaded latest image, flashed the sd card, configured network, it got updated to latest version, I registered it to home.microft.ai. All works well, except mycroft makes no sound.
My logitech C525 usb webcam is used as a microphone, and its working fine (mycroft hears my commands and executes them as seen in the CLI, also I can record myself with arecord.

I am using analog headphones output with a speaker connected to it.
When I record myself with arecord, and play the same file with aplay, I can hear the sound.
Why mycroft doesnt use this sink?


Hi again…I unplugged hdmi cable and rebooted it, and sound works now… :slight_smile: