Picroft install boot loop

Followed all instructions (except attaching a keyboard, as the only one I have available is wireless). Picroft outputs some log messages over HDMI, which move too quickly to read, though the last few say something about rebooting. The system then reboots. I gave up after about twenty repetitions.

Anyone seen this behaviour? Where should I look for logs?

Fresh install on a Pi 3B.

Hi George,

Most logs are located in /var/log/mycroft/, however you would need to be SSH’d in to access them and I think there’s a high chance that something went wrong during the flashing process. Rather than crawl through logs, it would be good to verify the checksum of your download and if that’s correct try reflashing your micro SD card.

Did you use the stable image dated 2018-09-12?

Thanks for the response. I’d been meaning to update this post.

I noticed after two attempts I had an incorrect checksum (the same one both times). Managed to boot after using ‘zip’ in the shell rather than the Ubuntu archive manager GUI (well, the eOS one, but I think it’s the same program) to extract the .img file. Just checked now though, and rather worryingly it’s still the wrong checksum (but a different one to before)…

Now having problems integrating audio with HifiBerry (aplay etc. output correctly, but Mycroft makes no sound…), though I should probably make another thread for that.

After two attempts at downloading?

The SHA256 checksum for the unstable (2018-12-17) zip archive is:

Checksum for stable (2018-09-12) zip archive is:

If it doesn’t match either of these, then we should start there…