PiCroft in VM on Ubuntu?

Hey guys! I’m trying to install Mycroft.

I’ve tried installing it in a Ubuntu 18.10 VM - It all works in CLI, but I don’t get any sound feedback on my requests. (I’ve tested that my mic works, playback works fine, but Mycroft doesn’t respond via sound) - I got PulseAudio installed as well.

Anyway, I read that it might be due to some Python problems or something.

My question is: Could I fix this by just mounting the PiCroft image to a VM instead, and running Mycroft on that?


NO - the picroft image is for an ARM based system. You don tell which virtualizing you are using but as far as I know only QEMU can emulate ARM but only with 256 mb memmory. Not enough.

But running mycroft in a VM can be done -but main issue will be getting mic and sound working. That part depends on what you virtualizing is emulating for sound devices in the VM what to configure nd how.
But you could maybe get some help in the audio trouble shooting documentation