Picroft GPIO Skill

Hi, everyone. I’m trying to setup a skill for Picroft to control a system of light and fan for a school project. I already built the circuit which works fine. But I can’t figure out the skill part.

At first, I tried installing this: GitHub - smolino/picroft_skill_gpio4s
The installation went well, but the skill refused to load (Picroft gave the error skill failed to load). My thought is because the skill is outdated because it was built 6 years ago.

Then I tried to write my own skill: GitHub - warfiretruck/light_fan_control_skill
Same thing, skill fails to load.

I’m new to all this, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks you all.

Are you running a Mycroft-branded Picroft image, or something from OVOS?

I’m running the official Picroft image, yes.

Looking at your skill code, it’s set up correctly, but you may have better luck working with the OVOS headless Raspbian image. The Picroft image was a nightmare to get working properly a year ago and has been unmaintained for even longer than that.

Regardless, can you share some tracebacks to help us understand the problem?

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Nobody was maintaining Picroft for about 2 years before MycroftAI went defunct in November. Mike’s being very polite =P

There’s a FAQ pinned about the surviving projects that are taking over. If Mike’s willing to help troubleshoot a Picroft, more power to him, but I’d strongly advise you to switch to a maintained image.

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The skill is simple enough that it should run just about anywhere, but yes, you’ll have better luck running this on one of the maintained images. The additional benefit is you can do this project entirely offline with OVOS - TTS/STT can be on-device if you’d like, and there’s no pairing back to a system that could fail any day.

Having a look at the skill itself, though, it looks like it’s missing requirements.txt. GPIO is a third-party library so you’ll need to specify that as a requirement for MSK, or OVOS, or any of the assistants, to install it properly.

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