Picroft does not understand Home Assistant commands

I decided to install the Picroft image and it works fine for now, but then I added the Home Assistant skill and filled in my credentials but when I say commands like “Turn on the livingroom lights”, Mycroft always responds something like “There are no running timers” and when I say “Read bedroom temperature”, the answer is “Weather forecasts are currently not available”…

Sounds like it’s not understanding you, or not matching the intents correctly. For the first, check the voice.log (in /var/log/mycroft/) and the second, the skills.log.

I have this exact issue. I ensured my settings file for the skill has the correct Long-Lived Access Token and the IP for my home assistant. I am watching the debug logs and I can see it recognize “turn off the Christmas lights” but it never seems to actually do anything with the HA?

There must be a key step I am missing here! Thank you!