Picroft does not react to wake word

Hi, I have just installed Picroft and it seemed that the microphone is fine, but Picroft does not react to the wake word. I use a Playstation Eye camera and in my log I got an error message saying "Couldn’t allocate mixer, ALSAAudioError(‘Unable to find mixer control Master,0[default ]´´`````’,)

I am sorry but I don’t really know my way around Linux, but in case you have some advice I would appreciate that


Hi Ingrid,

We’ve had a few people with a similar problem over the last week, but haven’t yet found the cause.

Can I ask, have you done any customisation of the Picroft other than going through the setup wizard? Eg have you changed the wake word in Home.mycroft.ai?

The ALSAAudioError wouldn’t necessarily cause this behaviour but might be related. If you can type commands into Picroft can you tell it to “create a support ticket”. This will upload your logs and send you an email that you can review before sending to us.