Picroft does not play any music or news

I have the problem that my Picroft (sd picroft image from this website on a raspberry pi 3) doesn’t play music or news. I can talk to it normally but if I want him to play music or the news, it just stops. There is like a “playing internet radio” or “playing this areas news” but after that it’s just quiet. I tried it on my Ubuntu with mycroft installed several times and it worked perfectly but on my picroft it doesn’t seem to work.

What is the problem and how do I solve it?

I would love to hear from one of you.

Hi there @Alpoll0, sorry to hear you’re running into hassles. There are a couple of things to check here;

  • Internet Radio and News are not default Skills - you may need to ensure that they have been installed on your Picroft Device. We’ve recently revamped our Skills page to help make it easier to install Skills. Could you check to see if the Skills are installed? If you’re comfortable on a command line, you can ssh into Picroft, drop out of the mycroft-cli-client using Ctrl + C and then type ls -las /opt/mycroft/skills to see what’s installed.

  • If the Skills are installed, but are not working, then we need to have a look at the mycroft-skills.log to find out why. Your mycroft-skills.log is located at /var/log/mycroft-skills.log. In particular, you can check to see what happens when you say an Utterance like “play internet radio”.

Let me know what you find out and we can assist further,

Kind regards,

I had the same problem,
Then I quickly read a few articles and installed ‘pianobar’ via apt-get(though that may not be the real issue) and Pandora, since I thought it would bring in some dependencies, but, the real issue is:
Missing mycroft-skills…
You are probably left with only a very few choices if you are (like me) living in some Central European country, where Pandora is not available and if you don’t want to pay for Spotify Premium. :frowning:
My way out was to install a non certified internet radio skill.
And there is a little hassle with that solution too:
Even though it said it would connect with mycroft-account, it doesn’t…
You will have to edit its config files via nano or vim to alter the preset streams.
If there are better/other solutions that work without a paywall, let me know.
YouTube Music would be kinda cool.
I may try to write a skill for it myself in the next few days.

hey there,

the (standard) skill-npr-news should cover a wide variety of news (audio) feeds. If stations in a particular country are not in the list (given they can be fetched this way), the list should be expanded (PR to make it available for everyone).

For the internet radio, I’m good with TuneIn skill, which accesses pretty much everything platformed by TuneIn. (given that the stt can understand the spoken station name :wink: )

This thread is rather dusty, so the library has grown since then (many things are found outside of the marketplace - even if those are abandoned, there is a skeleton to improve upon.)