Picroft cutting off start of sentence

Hi all,

I did some research and found people with the issue of picroft cutting off the end of a sentence. I’m having the opposite problem, where the first word or two aren’t being played.
For example, Who is Luke Skywalker’s father? [Spoiler alert haha]
Client will say DARTH VADER by my picroft just says Vader

In addition, when I set an alarm, I can see in client that it’s playing the sound, but no sound is played.
I am using an Rpi4b, and my picroft is running via HDMI through an admittedly older TV, but I’ve never had the TV cut the start off any other audio.

I’m not sure where to start looking, if it sounds like a pulseaudio issue or incompatibility with the TV, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Mimic prob does cutoff too soon as thought that myself a couple of times.
Dunno about starting but just wondering if its something to do with HDMI.
You got anything to stick into the Pi 3.5mm just to see if its the same?

Good thinking, I’ll track down a composite cable and see where I’m at.

Hi guys,
my “Mycroft” swallows first syllable, or the whole word, time from time. I have USB “Trust” sound adapter. I do not thing the cause could be in a voice HW chain. For my media player raspberry instance, I am using MPC and gGoogle TTS URL which is very fast and has a nice voice. Of course,is not a local solution, but also not a crucial,…

very sorry, for a poor language, thing = think, …

For me it was the TV. No idea why, but when I plug the picroft into normal speakers or my new HDMI monitor, it works fine. So for me just an old tv.