Picroft cant understand my Yorkshire accent

HI There

newbie here ive installed picroft on a spare pi3 and he couldnt understand me at all and rearly woke up
replaced the mic with a respeaker 4 and he wakes but still cant understand me most of the time think its my Yorkshire accent how can I train him to work better


Hello! I wrote a guide to training your own wake word using precise (I wouldn’t recommend Pocketsphinx), you can find my guide here: GitHub - sparky-vision/mycroft-precise-tips: mycroft-precise-tips

Don’t forget to follow the link in that article to find some helpful recording tips, I don’t recommend using precise-collect. (Which I think the instructions still tell you to do, it’s too…pardon the pun…imprecise to be useful.)

Hope this helps! At least…it might help with the wake word. If you’re having issues with more general speech…I don’t know if this will be useful. Someone else might try to chime in, but an accent that’s too far “off the line” from what the speech engine expects might be quite tricky to solve, at least on the fly.