Picroft - Can't change the default voice or wake word

Hi, I installed Picroft, the Pi is connected to the internet and the software works great.
I want to change the default British male voice to another one. I logged in to the Mycroft home, under “Device Configuration”, “Voice”, “American male” and when I press “Save” I get the error - “Error updating device”.
In fact, it doesn’t matter what I try to change there in this page (even wake word), I get the same error message.

What could be the problem?

There’s another person with this error that posted just recently, and I’m also having this error now. Was fine a few days back when I changed from mycroft to ezra for the wake up voice, but now I can’t change it, same error. I don’t find Ezra near as responsive as mycroft was.

I also wonder if this error is somewhat related to my time being ahead four hours when I ask by voice, but all the time zone and area settings seem to be correct. IE: It was having issues updating the device before this.

I have a similar headache with the website. An “Error updating device” message appears whenever I try to save a change to a device configuration under “Manage your device configuration” at account.mycroft.ai/devices.

E.g., the error appears if I try to change the Voice from “British Male” to “American Male”, or change the Wake Word from “Hey Mycroft” to “Hey Jarvis”, or change the Geographical Location from city to another.

I have 2 instances of mycroft: 1 is on ubuntu and the other is via picroft on a pi 4.

I’ve tried changing the settings by using different browsers on different PCs to no avail.

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