Picroft bluetooth receiver

Not strictly a mycroft/picroft issue, but wondering if anyone’s managed to configure their picroft to also receive a bluetooth connection to play audio?
I’m moving from a google home that I can ‘cast’ audio to really easily from my phone. Looking to replicate that.
I have a pi4 set up with picroft image.
I have followed GitHub - nicokaiser/rpi-audio-receiver: Raspberry Pi Audio Receiver with Bluetooth A2DP, AirPlay, UPnP and Spotify Connect but having little success. Currently having difficulty connecting, phone showing “unable to connect due to incorrect PIN or passcode”.
Any advice on troubleshooting bluetooth?

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I’ve not done this whilst running mycroft.ai, but the general setup is pretty easy to achieve.

You’ll need these files: rpi-img-builder/files/autopair at musicbox · pyavitz/rpi-img-builder · GitHub

These depends: python python-pyaudio python-dbus pulseaudio python-pexpect pulseaudio-module-bluetooth

My setup for bluetooth L376 to L417: rpi-img-builder/universal at musicbox · pyavitz/rpi-img-builder · GitHub

pulseaudio init: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pyavitz/rpi-img-builder/musicbox/files/scripts/pulseaudio.init
pulseaudio stereo conf file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pyavitz/rpi-img-builder/musicbox/files/misc/default.conf