PiCraft "sleeping"

I just moved to the new Raspi v4 and installed PiCroft “from scratch” (not using the image, which does not seem to work with the current hardware)

Everything seems to work just fine, but after a while MyCroft simply does not seem to respond anymore to my voice.

When I open the client console via ssh “mycroft-cli-client” everything seems to look ok. Just the input meter is missing.

When now entering a command like “say something” into the console, mycroft does not only say “something”, but also the meter reappears and it is reacting to voice commands again.

So it looks to me like picroft is entering a sleeping/hibernate state or something like that (or more precise: Most likely the USB-Mic seems to do that).

Is there a way to prevent that?

Hey there,

The existing Picroft image probably won’t work as it is based on Debian Stretch whilst the official Pi4 images are using Buster.

It sounds like the mic is deactivating for some reason. What sort of mic are you using?

Apologies for the delayed response too, just got back from leave

As I wrote I do not use the official image because it simply does not even start on Raspi4. I use a “Yeti” microphone currently.

No need to apologize. My PiCroft is currently not even active as I try to add some features to it like a nice case