[Personal security] Fake bloke around the house Skill

Skill name: Fake bloke around the house Skill

In Australia, if you’re a woman living by herself, you’ll often leave a pair of dirty old men’s work boots at the door to make it look like there’s a “man around the house” as a security measure. I’m wondering if there’s an equivalent fake-bloke-around-the-house application for Mycroft.

User story:

  • As a woman who lives by herself in a neighbourhood with drug activity, I want to use Mycroft as a tool to make it sound like there are other people at home.
  • As a women who lives by herself I want to be able to trigger a phrase which then activates recordings of men stating appropriate “around the house phrases”

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?
None that I can think of

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

None for this specific use case, but the Malibu Stacey Skill plays back random recordings; a similar mechanism could be used for this too.

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

Something like “Dave, have you fixed the sink yet” or something that would be an innocuous domestic phrase.

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

Mycroft would play a recording of a culturally-appropriate voice in response. For instance, in Australia it would be more plausible to have a recording of a “blokey, matey” male voice as this is more threatening to a would-be security risk than a well-spoken British voice.

Or you could say something like “Down, bad dog!” and it could play back a vicious barking noise.

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

Possibly links to recordings of voices

Other comments?

I’m not sure how viable / what the demand is here for this Skill, but it’s definitely one I would use.

This could be a very handy and practical skill indeed.

And I like the dog idea, that would probably be easier to implement as it does not need to be translated. The user could choose from a selection of different dogs.
Mycroft security dogs, or msdogs, grin.

If a user could use his/her own samples, it would also be easy to use a voice in your own language.

You could possibly also add some home-automation, switching on some lights or a tv for instance to make it more believable. If you also added a scheduler you can setup in the home section (or json), the same skill would also be very useful as some sort of burgler prevention.

The dutch police actually advice using a timer when you are on holiday or out of the house.

Oops, just now saw that TJoen thought of almost everything I thought of months ago.
Maybe also be useful to have a few semi-random time-triggered events. Maybe, for instance, an hour or so before and after a departure from home (either by schedule or by telling Mycroft “goodbye”), he would play a few selections from singing-in-the-shower recording, or a “hey where is the coffee?” or “Oh bother, i’ve got to clean that up now!” recording or something. Stuff that reasonably could be said to oneself.

Second tjoen’s ideas about general home automation interactions to add additional “dimension” to the apparent presence.

What about using your own (female) voice and altering the recording to give it a deeper voice.

Something like:
play yourrecodoring.wav pitch -700

It will for sure will not pass for a real human being if somebody is standing next to the mycroft unit, but with walls/doors/obstacles in between it should be sufficient…. i think :slight_smile:

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