Persistent clicking / Frequent, seemingly random activation

Hi folks,

Ever since my Mark II arrived, it’s had a couple of problems I’m not sure how to resolve. The first is this noise, which it makes most - but not quite all of the time:

It varies in the frequency of the ticking noise - sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but essentially doesn’t stop. Suggestions as to what it might be and how to fix it would be great.

Also, whatever is going on - it will frequently wake, then state “You might have to say that a different way” (or one of the variations on that). It does it without its wake word being said - even when the room is near silent and there’s been no speech.

It does this with the original mycroft software, and with Neon AI. So much so that I’ve resorted to just turning the mic off, making it next to useless as a voice assistant since I have to walk over and turn the mic on. Suggestions on that would be great, too.

TIA for any help!

Sounds like a short, honestly. Might also explain the mic weirdness.

More like a loose contact.
A connector that isn’t inserted completely

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Hrm, had a quick check inside, it all looks well seated:

I guess I best contact Mycroft’s support :-/


Ooi, has anyone got a current timeline on hearing from Mycroft support. I know it’s essentially one/two people now so not expecting a super quick response, but I’ve not got even a “thanks for your message” auto-reply which I kinda expected.

I have experianced the same thing with both. Possible even more with neon. Neon also seems to answer questions I didn’t ask. I also find the somtimes I ask a question and get no responce at all . That’s odd?
neon sometimes answers by saying it can’t find a stock. The problem being the question was not related to a stock. I apears there is some kind of link that makes this happen. It has happened more than once. I gon’t know how to deal with that. there are at least a couple of simalar answers from neon that make no sense.
Has any one been able to get neon to find a song or album on demand?
Has any one been able to hear spacific news stories. All i get is an endlest rant from npr. I want to ask a news question and get a real answer.

Your thoughts on this would greatly be aperciated.

Unfortunately, 9 days after I sent my message to mycroft I’ve still got nothing back.

@pyoorkate Are you able to tell when the device is open more exactly where the clicking noise is coming from? I agree it seems like some sort of odd short or something. It should not make any clicking noise.

@jeffrey Have you updated Neon recently? Our most recent release has significant improvements.

Also, you now have the option of telling it “change my wakeword to Mycroft”, which due to the way it’s set up has fewer false positives.

If your Neon OS is updated and still not working well, the first thing we’ve been looking at is the possibility of USB hardware issues. Maybe you’ve already upgraded to SSD? If not, that’s what we recommend and I’m happy to help.

I am following up about Mycroft AI support, and hope to have some good news on that front soon.

“Hey Neon, change my wake word to Mycroft” … should I expect a response? My Mark II wakes up and that’s it, nothing happens.

Just in case my wake word has changed silently I tried “Hey Mycroft” but there was no response to that.

The issue I’m having is Neon seems to be over sensitive and keeps responding to things I haven’t asked, but that I assume it has heard in the background noise from the TV or us just chatting

Oh, tried again today, this time the response was something like “something went wrong, unable to complete” then it locked up and light up solid red on top.

I pulled out the power lead and put it back and … happy days … the wake word has now changed to Mycroft.

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Sadly it hasn’t helped with the oversensitive responding issue - my Mark II keeps piping up when people are chatting across the room, or the TV or radio is on.

It responds to “Hey Mycroft” as it should. I can’t figure out what in the background is triggering it.

I have the same issue. Just got Neon on SSD and it was piping up every 10 to 20 minutes with some un-prompted info. It’s in the family room and the TV is always on, which I guess is what it is being triggered by. Mycroft only did this every few days, usually with a comment as to not understanding what was asked, when nothing was. Neon just gives a response on something, but I don’t recall it saying it didn’t understand what was asked. The most common is that it spontaneously announces that the volume is set to some percent. It changed volume 4 times within the first hour it was on, then I turned the mic off.

I’m seeing the same behaviour - my Mark II keeps responding to something when the TV or radio is on. I’ve changed the wake word to Mycroft but that has made no difference.