Permission error 13 on /ramdisk?

Hi, I flashed Ubuntu server onto an SD card, started with the steps I’ve documented, then followed @goldyfruit Ansible steps, but then went back my steps for the Mycroft install. But now Mycroft is not working. :frowning:

The skills.log file has this:

  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 223, in makedirs
    mkdir(name, mode)
PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/ramdisk'

I don’t remember using the directory /ramdisk. Is this new, or perhaps a side effect of running the Ansible jobs?


-Mike M

The /ramdisk is part of ansible-role-mycroft , according to the on the GitHub page:

  • RAMDisk support for IPC

Because you are running Ubuntu, the default user should be ubuntu and not pi.

You can override this variable on the playbook or directly on the command line.

@goldyfruit - thanks for the quick reply.

The pi user has worked fine the half-dozen or so times I’ve restarted from scratch. I will just start from scratch again today to have a clean image. Sorry, I’ll be skipping the Ansible jobs.


Don’t worry, Ansible requires a bit more knowledge than Bash.
Thanks for testing.