Patent troll wrongly limiting what Mycroft can post about

Updates on the patent trolls and their bottom feeding behavior if you’re wondering what’s happening there:

Stopping mycroft from blogging about support is a terrible decision.


Is there anywhere that is still actively posting about the state of things since Mycroft is being censored? Also is the EFF going to take any action in this case since it seems that the judge is bug-nuts crazy?

The blog posts were removed and they aren’t supposed to be asking for help from the community. Which is ridiculous. Also they’re not supposed to say patent trolls should be shot, stabbed, or hung. They should be disbarred for crimes against humanity, though.

Yea, I read that on the EFF page. I was wondering who is still actively covering all of this since Mycroft is not allowed to comment. If people do not know about this crap, these guys will keep doing it. I was hoping that there was a tech site that was watching this closely that is not affiliated with Mycroft directly and can post the progress of things beyond what the EFF has already posted.

Someone with PACER access could let the filings get into RECAP. That’d be helpful.