Patent Troll Update 2

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They’re baaaack.

Our Patent Troll has returned like a bad sequel to a terrible film (I’m talking to you “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid”). After starting their lawsuit by filing a case in the wrong venue, they figured out their mistake and have re-filed in Missouri, where we actually have operations, so it looks like the battle is nigh.

Any competent software developer who reads the patent and understands our technology would immediately realize that:

  1. These patents should never have been issued.
  2. Our technology stack doesn’t infringe on them.

That said, judges, juries and attorneys are not engineers so we need to present our case in a way that they understand. This will take time, however, we are very confident in our position.

Thanks again to all of the community members who have sent us messages of support and shared the news with their networks. It is great to have so many smart people in our corner.

Many of you have highlighted examples of prior art, strengthening our case on the validity of the patent itself. Please continue to send these into We will collate all of these submissions and pass them onto our legal team. If you have particular expertise in voice technologies and would be able to provide an official statement of your expert opinion on the matter, please also get in touch.

We have also received many offers of financial support. If you think our patent system is broken, we would encourage you to instead donate to the Electronic Frontier Foundation who do excellent work fighting stupid patents for the benefit of us all.

As the case progresses we will continue to update you all. And as always, lupDujHomwIj lubuy’moH gharghmey.



I cross my fingers! I am a newbie here, I have migrated from Snips AI to Mycroft, Snips - sad story, hope it will end up with Mycroft win.


The annoying thing is, there are no winners in this.

Good luck guys, but with our new CEO they never realized what was coming…:muscle:t2:

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