Pass in audio and get output?

Is it possible to run a MyCroft instance and pass it an audio recording and return the output audio?

So the input would be a recording of my voice saying “What’s the time” as an .mp3 or .wav etc
And the output would be a MyCroft audio recording saying “Currently eight twenty one”

(This would not need to use the wake word)

This is what happens now, but you are hidden from the workings. Explore the code, and then tweak away.

Ummmmm @baconator any pointers?

really depends on your level of familiarity with python?

Well yes I know Python
Would I need to enter the virtual environment and inject a wav into the file system and trigger a message?
Would I need to hack mycroft-core?

If you want to pass mycroft a command, you can do that over the message bus, see docs site for more.
If you want to pass mycroft an audio file, you can look into mycroft-core/ at dev · MycroftAI/mycroft-core · GitHub and derive where you’d do so from that.
If you want to use the stt classes to get the text from speech for whatever other reason, see #2.