Paplay continuously beeping

Hello, I at last manage to install mycroft to my laptop running manjaro linux (practically arch). Everything went fine (I had to install padatious manually but not big deal). But for some reason from the time I installed it, my system keeps beeping for no reason even when mycroft is not running. I found that the source of the noise is the paplay (I am not sure what it does) which is the same process that mycroft uses to play its sound. I can disable it of course manually but the I must re enable every time I run mycroft and if I run it in the background there is nothing I can do. Can anyone help??

Is pulseaudio installed by default under Manjaro / Arch?

It is, yes, I reinstalled it but nothing changed

Hey @dirosis, sorry I don’t know Arch/Manjaro that well I’m afraid.

It’s ok, thank you for your time. Maybe someone who use the distr will help

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