Pandora skill not work

Hi guys,

I’m configured pandora skill but it seems not working.

When I say “play pandora” mycroft answer me " Playing pandora on Pandora" but nothing happens.

Here the logs

 10:55:09.541 | INFO     |   744 | mycroft-pandora_mycroftai:_launch_pianobar_process:369 | Starting Pianobar process
pianobar: no process found
 10:55:09.788 | INFO     |   744 | Playback Control Skill | Audio service status: {}
Removing event mycroft-pandora.mycroftai:MonitorPianobar
 10:55:12.624 | INFO     |   744 | mycroft-pandora_mycroftai:_launch_pianobar_process:387 | Pianobar process initialized
 10:55:14.630 | INFO     |   744 | mycroft-pandora_mycroftai:_play_station:475 | list index out of range
Removing event mycroft-pandora.mycroftai:MonitorPianobar
Removing event mycroft-pandora.mycroftai:MonitorPianobar

I think that raspberry do not download anything from pandora …but if I test the account that I have configured, It can login correctly to

Hi there. I know this is a bit of an old issue, but it is still a problem. I’ve made an issue on their GitHub repository if you want to take a look at it.