Pandora skill ignores settings at

Hey all,

I just dusted of my Mark I, and Pandora seems to have gotten scragged, somehow.

It wouldn’t accept my Pandora credentials, no matter how many times I edited them at I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and was able to enter my credentials on the website and get it working, once. The next day, it was back to telling me to “Please visit to set up the Pandora skill”, and no number of attempts to re-enter the credentials is noticed…

Any thoughts?

FYI, I just went back again, uninstalled, and reinstalled, and it went back to working…

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Hey Blaise, glad you got it working.

I’m wondering if it was caused by the rename a while back. It used to be called “skill-pianobar” now it’s “pandora”. Let us know if it fails again now that you’ve reinstalled it.