Pairing at is not keyboard-accessible


I’m a blind screen reader user. Unfortunately, something in the device-pairing process isn’t keyboard-accessible. Here’s what I do:

  • Visit the Devices page.
  • Click the link to add a device.
  • Enter my code.
  • Tab to the device type field. I try tabbing to the button labeled Other, but pressing Space or Enter on this button pops me back to the first button in the list. Also, since these are plain <button/> elements, there is no indication as to which is elected.
  • Tab to the name, enter one.
  • Tab to the description, fill that in.
  • Find the link to continue pairing, then press Enter.

I get no feedback about why this doesn’t work. I suspect that I’m not selecting my device type. Could you just use radio checkboxes for this? I get that it may not look slick and modern, but as it stands this widget is currently inaccessible to me as a screen reader user, and I tried every trick in my book to make inaccessible widgets do my bidding. None worked.


@augusto.monteiro Might be able to help.

Hi there @ndarilek, thanks so much for this helpful information, and our apologies that isn’t working with a screen reader.

I’ve raised a GitHub Issue for this internally (the code for web front end is in a private repo), with the intent being to improve the WCAG / Section 508 accessibility of the website.

Would you be willing to test improvements for us?

Kind regards,