Pair process on every reboot


is not normal i’ve to pair mycroft on my raspberry every time i reboot it ?

With the current image, yes. It’s an issue with the identity file. See this post here if you want a temporary workaround for that issue:

We’re working on fixing it and trying to get a new image out as soon as possible. I’ll update you once we have it tested and up.

Hey @johan

We should have a new image up here:

That addresses the problem you were having. Go ahead and re-download and image it. Let us know how it works for you!

Other than a new image each time a new version come up, do you have any other method to update the picroft? Maybe from command line?

The newest version is configured to automatically check for updates every time it boots OR at 4AM UTC if it’s plugged in. We normally won’t be making a new image for every update, but due to all the issues with the previous images, we wanted to have a solid, clean build that would be able to function after a download.