Padatious error

Hello Everyone,
First i’m sorry for my English i’m a little belgian.
I got a problem after installing Mycroft on Raspbian Jessie
I re run but it didn’t solve the problem

I tried a to run a : pip install padatious but i have this error

Thanks for your help

I don’t recall having to install padatious specifically, I think it comes already “loaded” with the latest version. Also I have usually had to use sudo pip install when I do perform pip, etc. . .

So, if you just want a working mycroft installation, updated every 2 weeks, you can install via apt using the following instructions. Otherwise, if you would like to use the git clone, you can follow the provided instructions, with the exception of running sudo apt-get remove mycroft-core; sudo apt-get install mimic.

If this fixes the issue, it’s because Padatious requires a newer version of libfann-dev that we provide in our repo.

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