Outside interaction


Is it possible to build a secure API on Mycroft that will allow external applications to interact with Mycrofts?

For example if a user is signed up to an activity club and said club has a web application. Could they do things on the web application that could push information to Mycroft which could then blurt out this information.

Use Case:

As a user I want updates to be sent to Mycroft so that I am kept up to date.



has long has you implement some listener for some service you can build an API for almost anything :stuck_out_tongue:

my facebook skill has a chatbot , one use case i have for it is sending orders by facebook chat when im not home

in my case i would make an external app send a facebook message and mycroft do some action, secure? yes, private? lol nop

other options would be monitoring an email account for example or sending sms if you give mycroft a phone number :wink:

Thank you for the reply. So if I understood you correctly I would have to make an external listener that runs for example as a service on the Raspberry Pi which would have an API that would then interact with Mycroft?

Is there not some sort of external listener ability on Mycroft already? I saw the intercom example so there must be something?

what external app are you trying to use exactly? how will it send info back to mycroft?

depending on this you will need some sort of listener to process orders, same way you have cli and voice clients you would have another client for your app or have to change core code

take a look here, i use this to give remote orders to mycroft, its a client that listens for chat messages and proceses the given order (authroization, sending txt to skills service, reading back some info to send back to chat) currently answering back to facebook is broken (i think fb changed something)


not the prettiest example but works :stuck_out_tongue: