Ordering a Mark II without camera?

Hi there, just recently discovered Mycroft after someone on Reddit mentioned it and I am very interested in the Mark II as a possible replacement for our Google Home. I was looking at the Indiegogo campaign and saw that it’s $189 with early bird gone at $129. I was getting ready to order but was looking through blog posts when I realized this was originally on Kickstarter with almost a thousand backers at $129, apparently without the camera. There isn’t anything really mentioned about the camera in the campaign notes of either site so it wasn’t entirely obvious to me that $189 price was because it had a camera.

So I guess my question is will it be available again at something like $129 after all the campaign units have been fulfilled? I don’t need a camera so I would rather wait and save the $60!


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Hi there @cybergrimes, thanks for your question.

The answer is unfortunately no - we’re not able to offer any more Mark II Devices at the $129 price, the cost will be at least $189 from here on. The early bird offers were significantly discounted from the manufacturing cost of the Device.

Thanks for the reply. I was just curious, always trying to save a buck
Funnily enough decided to jump right in and ordered a Mark 1 yesterday :wink:

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The Mark II available for purchase on mycroft.ai and indiegogo are both priced at $189. However, the indiegogo is advertised as a “Mark II Camera” while there is no mention of the camera on the mycroft.ai order page.

Does the unit being sold on the mycroft.ai store include the camera? Is the indiegogo page description of Mark II Camera accurate?

Please clarify the camera/no camera options for the Mark II.