Opening / disassembling Mark II

How do I open / disassemble Mark II? Mainly trying to see if I can connect HDMI / 3.5mm to Pi.
I saw instructions but they are for assembling 3D printed Mark II but looks like there is difference between Mark II and 3D printed Mark II.

I believe it was designed to be easily opened. Unscrew the two #0 phillip screws on the front and the screen and face separate easily. There’s a ribbon cable that’s velcro/double stick taped. For me the double stick tape came off before the velcro. Now you can move the front screen away. You should be able to see the micro-HDMI, but there’s not a lot of room to get a cable there. That’s as far as I cared to go on mine.

Also it looks like there’s a rectangular knock-out on the back, center-right, to allow a cable to come in.

Hope this helps.

-Mike Mac
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Ah from front screws, let me try that. Thanks

Found few:


but nothing that goes micro HDMI male to HDMI female yet.


Johnny 5 - NO DISASSEMBLE! - YouTube

This worked. I need to figure out how to keep it in place, glue may work but won’t be able to service if anything

I suppose it was intented to use a cable with a socket mount like this:

Don’t know if @derick-mycroft is reading here - he designed the Mark-II and probably can provide a item-list or link to a HDMI-port that fits in there…

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