OpenHAB skill gone missing

Once again, my Mark I got messed up, and my first attempt to reload it failed. I wound up zero-filling the whole SD card, then installed my emergency image. I set up the unit again, it upgraded to 20.08.30, if I have understood Mycroft correctly. I find that the OpenHAB skill is now missing from the skill store, which I checked after Mycroft said he couldn’t find that skill to install.

I am still digging around for options, but I was wondering what is going on with the OpenHAB skill. It was really handy to be able to voice-control my lights.

Dunno why it’s not in the skill list. Per

To manually install the skill:

Clone the skill repository into the Mycroft skills directory, then trigger installation of needed dependencies:

A number of skills “disappeared” from the marketplace. Probably some changes in Mycroft-core invalidated the skills?

I finally got the time to attempt this. I followed the instructions, cloned the relevant repository, triggered the dependencies, and added the configuration stanza to /etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf, and it is not working. I did reboot the unit. Maybe Dominik is right and I’m out of luck.