[OpenHAB plugin development] Audio volume message types missing


(Not quite sure of where to put this topic)
I am creating an OpenHAB binding for Mycroft. This binding will allow OpenHAB to control Mycroft (sending TTS, reacting on event, triggering the mic as if a wake word was spotted, change volume, etc). It is exactly the opposite (or the complement) of the OpenHAB skill for Mycroft.

I have an issue with the volume.
The binding connects to the Mycroft message bus to send and listen events.
The Message Type documentation page describes several volume related messages, and some of them are either not functionnal, or I didn’t understand how they work ?

  • mycroft.volume.set : this message is not listened by the volume skill. But mycroft.volume.increase or mycroft.volume.decrease are, so I thought it should be handled here ? In fact I cannot find a place where this message is listened to.
  • mycroft.volume.get and mycroft.volume.get.response : when I send the get message, I don’t receive any get.response. I also can’t find a place in code where this message is listened to.

Could someone please tell if I’m missing something ?

In case something is missing, can I make a merge request to include these two message in the volume skill ? Or elsewhere ?

Thank you.

I am a noob in relation to python and the Mark II - had it for about 6 weeks

from what I have gathered from the init.py scripts (I have modified them on the MarkII itself - successfully via ssh & nano) the `````.get``` seems to query the (web) ‘home’ account - skill settings (for that particular skill) …

this is based upon information in the Date-Time skill on my ‘home’ account settings and [the ‘duck’ option in “Volume Skill” was being accessed and monitored and modified the ‘enclosure.log’ debug information - per my just now testing]

in the github for that skill there is a settingsmeta.json file that has web settings/choices that matched some of the script information -

Take Away :: if it isn’t in the .json file and the support scripts for the skill - you won’t get there (no pun intended!)

HTH - anyone can correct me and I won’t be upset…Gary

Thank you for your response.

I don’t think it’s related to home.mycroft.ai
The information I want to get is not from configuration : it is the ACTUAL volume level on the device that I want to get and set.
It would be very strange to have this information on mycroft home ? (and a serious privacy concern)

May I ping @forslund for this ? (as he is the commiter on the volume skill)