Older Mark 1's - New Image Or?

Curious as I know the original (all) Mark1’s were based on an obsolete version of the Raspberry OS. It maybe several versions behind now. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a new image with an upgraded OS?

  2. Is it safe to run this older version anymore?

My Mark1 runs just fine and despite the advanced features of the Mark II, nothing matches the personality and looks of the original. Is it still ok to keep this turned on?


As development is fully focussed on Mark-II I doubt there will be an updated image Mark-I.
About a year ago i created scripts for setting up Mycroft Mark-1 with latest Raspbian OS version. Maybe they still work…

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Just to confirm Dominik’s take - we have our hands full with the Mark II. So whilst we still see a lot of love for the Mark 1 we don’t have plans to release a new image for it.

The last time I tried Dominik’s scripts they worked for me though so whilst Mycroft the company can’t verify them, I’d certainly give them my personal :+1:

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