NPRNews Skill - Play alternative feed (BBC)

For anybody who wants to play the BBC World Service 5 minute news summary instead of NPRNews. You might want to edit ~/.mycroft/mycroft.conf:

“NPRNewsSkill”: {
//“url_rss”: ""
“url_rss”: “

This might suit some UK users better. It would be nice if the skill was renamed to something broader and the url_rss was editable via

Hope this helps somebody else. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s awesome, @Roboro! Long term I think we need to just have one News Skill, and then the URL for the news would be configurable by the end user, rather than multiple News Skills.

I’d love it if this was on!

@Roboro - the skill was written before we had the tools in place to push settings up to Now that we do it would be fantastic to make use of it. Would you be willing to implement the dynamic setting?

Hey @J_Montgomery_Mycroft
Sure. I need to get a bit more familiar with the API and start playing around with the programming, but I could take a look at forking and modifying this to work a bit better. I need to find some time to do it, though. This post will, at least, help folks until that is done. :slight_smile:

@Roboro - I realize you are probably very busy and making time to contribute - even just writing this post - is hugely appreciated. Thank you.

I have just submitted a pull request for this… see:
Hope the improvements work well. I might add some more feeds at some stage, but they are fairly easy to add or configure yourself now.
If you use my fork, you could probably override locally in your config by doing:

“NewsSkill”: {
“pre_select”: “not_set”,
“url_rss”: “”


Perhaps even just one Radio skill that encompasses all the genres ?

Anyway, for those uk users who would like UK stations, here’s a good start

I think the Podcast Skill is good for more general feed based broadcasts. See

For general streaming radio, see Internet Radio:

Agreed that the way this is implemented is not great, since the radio names seem hard coded and limited to a particular number, but I’ve found it workable for the radio that I want to listen to. At some point it would be nice to work out how we can edit the skills page so that you can provide a modifiable list or dictionary. I.e. something like a modifiable table of fields:
item1|blah (delete)
item2|bleh (delete)
item3|wibble (delete)
(add a new entry)

That should render as something like:
fields: [
{ ‘field1’: ‘item1’, ‘field2’: ‘blah’ },
{ ‘field1’: ‘item2’, ‘field2’: ‘bleh’ },
{ ‘field1’: ‘item3’, ‘field2’: ‘wibble’ }

There’s been some great discussion in this thread - thank you all so much!
I wonder if someone would like to write up these two Skill Suggestions:

  • general internet radio
  • general news

on our Skill Suggestions board?

Best, Kathy

i changed the internet radio to read station form csv files, i generate the stations at runtime

so i have a file named metal

metal detector, https://somafm.something
death fm,

“hey mycroft, play X radio” , fuzzy matches the requested station to both the filename (metal radio) and selects a random station or station name (death fm radio) and plays the requested station

im just waiting for the remote skill settings to support adding and deleting things to lists/dicts to update and PR

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