Now what can I make this thing do?

I bumbled across an article somewhere that pointed me to the Mark II Kickstarter. I was duly impressed, and backed at the 3-pack level.

After doing more research, I didn’t want to have to wait for December, and managed to find the store, where Mark I units were available. This would give me something to work (play) with, and face it, the Mark I is cute in a retro-robot sort of way, I will probably see about integrating it with the Mark IIs when they arrive. Meanwhile, Mycroft Mark I is sitting about two feet to my left, answering my daft questions. My very first question? “Hey Mycroft. What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?” I got the correct answer.

I don’t know if my programming skills are up to the complexity required for Mycroft skills. First I will have to get the hang of Python, which project is stalled because I can’t wrap my head around how the variables work. I think in strings and numerics, and Python mutates things a bit. (Tuples?) Maybe if I read the source from some of the existing skills, I can figure something out.

In the mean time, I figure I can contribute by using Mycroft, and reporting in on any little hitches I find.

After discovering the home-assistant skill, I am looking to get some smart light switches and make things a bit easier by being able to light up some rooms with poor switch placement before I go in. I also like the ability to set alarms with a spoken command, although this will be the subject of my first problem report.

I will probably come up with more things later, that’s usually how it works when I get a new gadget.

I’m still in “New Toy” mode with Mycroft at the moment.


Hey there @mwgardiner, great to hear you’re in New Toy mode! If you would like to install some more Skills and have a play around, have a look at: