Nothing showing up in screen

i have burnth 2 ,3 times in sd card , still when connecting to raberry nothing showing up on monitors connected through hdmi.

Even i have burnt rasbian on sd card and its working fine ,
please help me with it

Sounds like you have a bad picroft image. Remove that one, download a new one, verify the hash values to make sure it’s correct and try again?

can you suggest me an image , i have tried 3 images

What images have you tried so far?

picroft - pork and lightning one

Like what names and links were you trying to use?
Did you verify the hashes matched?
How did you burn them (in explicit detail of all the steps you did)?
The more information you provide the more likely a solution will appear.

What device are you using? Pi3 pi4 markII. The picroft software is all but dead. I would suggest looking at NeonAI if you have a markII, or one of OpenVoiceOS’s choices. They have images for pi4, MarkII, and a new headless for a pi3