Not able to recognige voice

Hi i have installed mycroft on my dell pc with ubuntu 18.04 in it . The installation and registration has completed successfully. but once i start the services with the command it has started every thing but not listening. i checked my mic and all every thing is perfect what can i do now…

3:03 PM

cnn@cnn-OptiPlex-7040:~/mycroft-core$ ./ all Starting all mycroft-core services Initializing… Starting background service bus CAUTION: The Mycroft bus is an open websocket with no built-in security measures. You are responsible for protecting the local port 8181 with a firewall as appropriate. Starting background service skills Starting background service audio Starting background service voice Starting background service enclosure

Hi @sirivellamadhu, looks like you got some good suggestions on Chat. Did that help?

After running mycroft-start debug and letting it boot up, are you able to see the mic level changing in the bottom right corner?