Noob Question About Wake Word


I am very, very new here. I have 2 questions:

1: “Hey Mycroft” works great, but “Hey Jarvis” does not seem to work. How do I fix this?

2: When I say “Hey Mycroft” it beeps to acknowedge it is listening. Any way to customize this to say “Yes Joe” or Sir"

The easiest option would to be using Pocketsphinx to set up a custom wake word (yet pocketsphinx isn’t as sophisticated). There is a option to use mycroft-precise to create a model from scratch, but this requires a pretty good audio setup and knowledge.

The wake word is a bit picky with accentuation, … which might be smoothed if tagging (on home) will be implemented. Try changing the pronunciation slightly.

If you can record at least twenty wake words, and preferably twice that in relevant not-wake-words, you can upload to the precise-community-data repo and ask, and I’ll try modeling you a precise model. Audio quality not as important as quantity to start with.

Never tried it myself, but you can get/set wave sound for some system “sound” events.

mycroft-config get sounds
  "start_listening": "snd/start_listening.wav",
  "end_listening": "snd/end_listening.wav",
  "acknowledge": "snd/acknowledge.mp3"

Maybe this is worth a look.

I was going to set my wakeword to “Spy-device” just to mock people who has Google/Alexa/Siri listening to them 24/7 :slight_smile:

That or “HAL”, but mycroft doesnt sound like HAL 9000, and there is no HAL 9000 theme for the GUI, that would have been cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Another Noob question:

When I was having a hard time with the wake word I deleted the device from my profile. Now I am having a difficult time getting the Registration Code for the device so I can pair it again. How do I get that?

I was not able to find anything in the documentation or the forum.

since the Pairing skill is baseline, i think you can pair it with “Pair my device” (Never had to, so…)

Douglas Rain passed on a few years back, as well. :frowning: But Candice Bergen is still around, wonder if she’d be interested in reprising SAL…