No response from mycroft regarding order status

December 10, 2022 I ordered my MK2
I read on the forum there were “some issues” and all would be shipped in March 23.
So I waited till April 23 to inquire about the status of my order #86597
I filled out the contact form on the website.
Nothing happened
When I call the support number it just rings and eventually tells you to contact support@
I did that last week and haven’t heard back.
Yet, they advertise it isn’t too late to order your MK2 now
I am getting mixed feelings about this.
Anybody that knows more reading along here ?

Not sure if you’ve been following the news that Mycroft is shuttering operations and OVOS and NeonAI have taken over some of the responsibilities.

That being said, according to Update from the CEO: Part 1 all Mark II orders should be fulfilled.

I haven’t seen or heard anything new that would say any different. I did the pre-order a long while back and received one. Might be a cross fingers scenario. I hope it arrives sooner rather than later though.

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I’m kind of hanging on things myself. I ordered the 3 I had hoped to get from the initial Kickstarter, figuring that a March shipping batch meant I should have them by now. The order still shows “Processing”.

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Same here.
I paid “full price” but they refunded me $100 a month or so ago.

But no response from web contact & no contact from email so far.

Not what I expected when you look at Mark II - Mycroft

“Ships in April 2023”

But the ones from December haven’t even shipped!

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I forgot to mention it, as I’m primarily concerned with having them actually show up, but they did refund me $100 per unit shortly after I placed the order.

I’m not 100 percent on this, but I’m less certain on the Kickstarter orders. I know that Kickstarter projects behave under different rules for when a project fails to deliver versus buying something through a store.

@fromport, @mwgardiner, they are shipping, though later than planned. I don’t know about the order dates, since I’m not able to access their system. I assume with the lack of staff they haven’t the time to properly respond to all their emails, but I did speak this morning with someone from the company doing the building & shipping for Mycroft and they are for sure sending Mark II units out the door right now, with every expectation of fulfilling all the orders placed through their website. I expect you’ll have yours in hand soon. Thanks for sticking with this project, I’m sorry I can’t do more for you.


Thank you, much appreciated !

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They are still replying but not that often, I was asked to confirm my delivery address twice a few weeks ago but since them no replies to my inquiries

Just found this in my email:

Thank you for your order from Mycroft AI Inc! We wanted to let you know that your order (#86597) was shipped via USPS, USPS Priority Mail on 4/11/2023. You can track your package at any time using the link below.

My USB SSD drive will arrive today, so soon I will be able to experience mycroft first hand.


Got a shipment notice today. Timing is everything.

I might even track down an OS image for my Mark I and see if I can get it to run for more than three months without going odd.


Received my Mycroft today. \o/

Mine was supposed to have arrived 40 minutes ago. Is is currently in the Detroit processing center, so I expect tomorrow.

I tried getting my Mark I going again, the device is working as a RasPi, but I can’t seem to get the Mycroft system working. Time to wipe and try again…

The USPS page has updated, it says that the item is in transit to its destination. My mail agent has been closed for 3 hours at this point. I’m watching the page in case they do anything daft. (I once found a package in front of the agent store and took it inside.)

Update 2:
At some point they Post Evil gave up and rescheduled for today (Saturday). The projected arrival is today by 8PM. My mail agent closes at 4.

Update 3:
I got a text from my mail agent that I received a package. I checked the shipping page my my order, and it reports delivered! “…and there was much rejoicing.”

Off to pick up the package. I have places to be in an hour so I won’t be able to fire them up until tomorrow, but at least they are here!

Just hooked it up.
Although the initial steps are logical and slick, it is slooooow
Finished, it suggests I can ask it things.
Unfortunately it doesn’t respond to any voice commands.
The dial on top is solid RED and there is a symbol of a muted microphone on the screen.
When i push the button on top it changes to flashing blue for a few seconds and then back to steady red.
plus and minus keys can be pushed and seem to work.
the 3rd button on the right seems frozen . can not push it and thus no response.

So far my first 20 (disappointing) minutes with my mycroft so far.

My wife looked at it and saw the right button is a slider and unlocked it for me

do you happen to have the hardware mic switch turned off? i think what you are saying is a button you cant push is actually the mic lever

Yep, what to me looked like a regular button, like the “-” & “+” was to the trained eye of my wife a clear slider.

I’ve started working with my Mark II units. The first one came right up went through pairing, and is working. I’ll have to figure out some things like cranking up the alarm volume, but it is listening and trying to do things, with mixed results depending on what I ask.

I was surprised to get extra USB drives with Neon AI on them. I’ve set up a second unit with Neon. My first attempt failed with a text display about bad superblock and a kernel panic. Rebooting to that drive produced no results at all. I had made images of both the Mycroft OS drive and the Neon from the first box I opened in case of problems, so I can refresh the failed drive if it is not a hardware failure. The Neon drive from the first box booted and came up to an interface. It answers some questions correctly, and some wrong.

I asked both Neon and Mycroft "What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. Neon fed back,“What do you get when you multiply six by nine?”, which is the question to the ultimate answer, and Mycroft described the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Neither gave the correct answer. Neon is prone to false wake word detects from the TV.

Now I’m looking for an OpenHAB skill so I can get back voice control of my lights.


My neon:

What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and

the answer to the ultimate question of life , the universe , and everything
doesn’t exist or has no stock price.

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@mwgardiner you might like to try switching Neon to the Mycroft wakeword - “Hey Neon, change my wakeword to Mycroft” is the command.

If re-imaging the second Neon USB doesn’t work please message me.

Thank you for the testing / bug report input :slight_smile: If you have more, they’re especially welcome over here in our testing chat, or emailed to me. Not sure how easily I can teach it the proper answer to the ultimate question :wink: but it’s on my list now. :slight_smile:

The attempt to re-image that particular USB drive failed, but this was not really a surprise. I have received several of that model that fail in exactly the same way. I’d be seriously annoyed if I’d bought them, but they were prizes in a library trivia contest. Try to image them and “Input/output error”. I’m actually surprised that the one from the first Mycroft box is working. I’ll get a few of the right size in a brand I have no problems with in case of surprise failure. I can use the image I made on those if needed.

I’ll try changing the wake word and see if that helps on the false triggers.

I’m trying to see if I can make enough sense out of Matrix to get to your testing chat.

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