No pulseaudio installed in picroft the image

In Picroft documentation is written:
"By default, Picroft uses the PulseAudio subsystem (as opposed to Alsa).
To identify which playback and recording devices are recognized on your Picroft system, use the command:
pacmd list-sources
However in image raspbian-stretch_Picroft_2018-09-12 it seems that Pulseaudio is missing. I had to install it with apt-get install in order to be able to use pacmd command and have any sound.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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You did the right thing. There isnt any pulseaudio in the stretch image. Many audio problems seems to be solved by installing pulse audio.

I should file an update to that doc, as well.

Thanks folks, couple of pieces to add on this one;

  • Up until a week or so ago, PulseAudio was not part of the Picroft image. We’ve realised how much more stable the audio is when PulseAudio is included, so we’ve now included PulseAudio in the Picroft image. You may need to update Picroft to see whether PulseAudio is installed.

To see if your installation has PulseAudio installed, you should be able to type which pulseaudio at the Linux command line - and if it’s installed, it will tell you the path that it’s installed in.

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