No January update


does the skipped january update mean that you are almost done it or that there are major problems?

Instead of announcing a big update it would be better to just write 2 sentences about the current status every other week.

I dont care WHEN mark 2 is shipped, I don’t need detailed updates (=long time consuming posts), I just want to know what is going on.



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Hi Marc,

In case you haven’t seen it already, the update has now gone up on Kickstarter and Indigogo.

As Joshua our CEO said in the update, the good news is that the hardware is largely complete. However we don’t want to speculate on a release date until we can have a crystal clear timeline for you.

If there are questions you have about the update please let us know and I’ll track down the best person to answer them. However we are also committed to ensuring there will be an update every month from here on out as we know how keen the community are in keeping up to date with the development efforts.

Thanks for sticking with us through the journey too, I can promise it will be worth the wait!

Great Thank you!

What I would like are Updates like:

We are currently having challenges with screen backlight power management and a thorny LCD driver issue.


It is getting a little warmer than our original specifications. Mark II isn’t overheating and shutting down, but we would like to increase the cooling performance before we are satisfied. We are trying CPU management to overcome the issue.

I don’t need lengthy postst, just quick updates like this would be great.

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