No Hot Word detection from both listeners

Hello everyone,

After checking both documentation and forum I can’t found an answer to my problems so I’m posting here.

I have install Mycroft “mycroft-core version 20 oh 2, release 1” with docker on a K3s Kubernetes, using MicroOS (OpenSuse Tumbleweed) as an OS, on a Phenom II X4 955 CPU.
Using the doc on Audio Troubleshooting, I’ve managed to install and make work the speakers and microphone: when I launch the set alarm intent by CLI, I can speak a duration and Mycroft register it and then the alarm ring.
When I followed the Wake Word Troubleshooting and noticed that my CPU doesn’t have the AVX x86 instruction, so I went to Pocket Sphinx listener. I followed the Using a Custom Wake Word, copy paste the “Yo Mike” example but still not working. I have changed phonemes, go up and down with the threashold and use CLI to check that Mycroft is using pocket sphinx all without success.

I am out of debugging idea so I am asking for your help.

Hey there, welcome to Mycroft.

Thanks for going through the troubleshooting steps already :slight_smile:

Can you post the config for pocketsphinx you’re using and we can give it a test too?

When you tweak the threshold it should get to the point where it triggers all the time because the threshold is so low. So if you can’t get that behaviour I assume there’s something else going wrong.

Thanks for the answer.

The config for pocketsphinx is at /root/.mycroft/mycroft.conf with the following file:

“max_allowed_core_version”: 20.2,
“listener”: {
“wake_word”: “yo mike”
“hotwords”: {
“yo mike”: {
“module”: “pocketsphinx”,
“phonemes”: “Y OW . M AY K .”,
“threshold”: 1e-10

After a lot of restart and OS / Kubernetes shenanigans, the hot word work once ! But not more, I never managed to make it reliable.