No Audio Output from Jabra410

Hello everyone,

I have setup a RaspberryPi 3b+ with a Jabra 410 as the audio device. Initially, neither the microphone nor the speaker were functioning. After changing the sound card for input and output in alsamixer the microphone is now functioning normally.

However, I still get no audio output from the speaker ever. Here is what I have tried:

-I tried installing pulse audio using sudo apt-get install pulseaudio but the install did not succeed
-I tried using the unstable picroft image but it didn’t work any better so I went back to the stable version
-I tried raising the volume on the speaker and through Mycroft but neither resulted in any audio
-Just to make sure the speaker wasn’t bad I connected it to my MacBook Pro and it was able to record and playback video without any issues.

I would be appreciative of any insight that someone can offer to me on how to get the audio working properly. Thanks!