News Skill - Station Requests

We have just added four new stations to the default News Skill and it got me wondering what other stations we should add. So this is a thread for requests!

I’m particularly interested in channels for countries that aren’t yet represented.

It’s important to note that adding a station can only be done if they have a public feed we can access. So we can’t make any promises. Also, any links you can provide with your request will help us out immensely.

So, what radio news bulletins should we add?


Unfortnaly Danish News streaming closed last year, and is only accesable from app. I have tryed to figure out how to get a stream url to latest news or a rss fead that provided the informaton. But no luck. So for now I dont think it is posible to get latest news in a stream.
I can find url to danish radio channels, but that is live streams and not only news.
Big thanks to right wing politicians who took away 25% of the financing to danish public service radio and TV :frowning:

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The only Dutch available stream I can find. NOS Journaal:



A nice and simple one, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve added it to the Skill, it just needs to go through our standard process before it gets pushed out to devices. It will also be the default station for Netherlands based users if you just say a general “what’s news” etc.

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Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but this topic sparks my interest.

I’ve been meaning to create a skill for this, but if it can be incorporated into the News Skill, than I think that would be better.

I listen to Colorado Public Radio quite often and would love it to be available on Mycroft. They often advertise “Listen to us on your smart speaker”. They have a few different streams.

Open Air

One is supposed to be able to listen using the phrase “Listen to CPR _________”(one of the stream names)

The links are to the high quality MP3 streams which I believe are the right ones to use.

If this should be it’s own skill, because of the different streams advertised on the station, let me know and I will pursue that.

Thanks to everybody in this community!!

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Been anticipating the day ABC news in Australia might get added to News skill - this would be great please!

edit: adding direct stream url if it helps

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Hey @builderjer and @bradgy

Currently the News Skill plays short news bulletins rather than streaming the 24 hour news radio channels.

How do you think we should differentiate between them?
If you were asking for the news, how would you naturally say that you want the longer radio stream, rather than the shorter news bulletin?

@Bradgy - the good news is that we already have an Australian ABC News Bulletin. If your device location is set to Australia it should play for any general news phrase like “What’s the news”. Or you can set it to be your default in your Skill settings. Or you can just ask for it specifically with “play ABC News”.

Wow, I guess I should have been paying more attention… it works precisely how I would have imagined just by saying “play ABC news”. Thanks Gez!

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Good point @gez-mycroft. CPR is a division on NPR, so the short news stream is already in the News skill. I will see about writing one specifically for CPR. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi ! Where can we propose some feed ?
i.e. for french news : France Info en 3 minutes

Hey aldo, what acronym would you give this station?
RF - for Radio France?

Also a good logo for the Mark II and other GUI displays would be great

It looks like this thread may be dead/archived, but I am surprised no one supported the idea of having the live version of news stations. I had been using a google smart system and it was my favorite feature.

@gez-mycroft you asked how to differentiate the discrete news segements from a live stream. It would be amazing if you could simply say something like “Play NPR news live” to get the continuous stream. I may have to move back to the Google overlord (boo) if this is not a feature in this ecosystem.


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Hey @T3Knical

Thanks for the feedback.

Feel free to open a PR to support your idea or even write a live stream news skill if you feel comfortable enough!

Spanish public broadcast TV and Radio have both live streams and on demand channels, both video and audio only (RTVE).

I’ll have a look into the feeds myself, it could be one of my first contributions to the Mycroft community :slight_smile:

My mom has an Alexa speaker (Echo v3, I think) and she listens to Spanish radio stations and news channels in it. We’ll see.

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Now that we’re at it… Has anyone looked into YouTube Music?? (My streaming music service of choice, given that I have a YouTube Premium account).

I’ve seen Spotify, Pandora, Emby and I don’t know if the absence of YT Music is due to lack of popularity or because it can’t be done dude to API restrictions or something :slight_smile:

I will avoid YouTube because they compensate artists the least - by far. See Music streaming compensation to artists

I keep hoping Mycroft will partner with Napster or Tidal since they compensate the most, and have a recommended music streaming service (trying to be patient, but it’s not one of my virtues :))

-Mike M

I understand your reasons.

Anyway… I have a YouTube Family Premium account (me, wife, kids) because we use YouTube a lot. That subscription includes YouTube Music, so… It’s difficult to not use it :slight_smile:

Hey @T3Knical, welcome to the Forums :slight_smile:

It’s good feedback that people are keen for continuous streaming news channels. One thing we’ll have to decide is how we disambiguate which version you want.

I’d imagine that:

  • “play NPR hourly news” = short clip
  • “play NPR live” = streaming live
  • “play NPR” = ?
  • “play NPR news” = ?

What would you expect these utterances to do?

In terms of broader Music streaming - the biggest limitation is the licensing. There are a number of music skills out there, but they are susceptible to being shutdown or facing legal issues. We don’t want to land in the same place that we did with Spotify so are still working on providing a collaborative solution with one or more of the services.

Great to hear! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

-Mike M
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