News plays instead of music

Hi all,

Lately we’ve had reports of the News Skill jumping in when people were actually asking for some music to play.

I wanted to get a nice list of examples so we can #addatest and make sure that we not only fix it now, but that any future updates don’t cause it to re-occur. So if you ask for some music and a news station plays instead, please let us know what you said to Mycroft so we can stop it happening.


I have been testing my new cpkodi-skill and I am having the news skill respond to any and all requests that my cpkodi-skill does not respond to. I think the fuzzy matching is far to loose on this skill. I should be able to come up with a few examples, but basically I have never had the news skill NOT start when my cpkodi-skill can’t find an item.
How about these…

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I don’t know what this says about the AP news :laughing:
but thanks :slight_smile:

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I see same behaviour when using the Tune-In skill, there is also an issue for that.
Examples that to not work for me “play xyz on tunein” with xyz “1live”, “sunshine”, “bigfm”

I’ve been trying to use rythmbox skill and also youtube skill, and news play instead of music.

Probably mycroft thinks that the news are more didactic.

Plex skill when saying “play random music” also triggers news skill, and with youtube skill also triggered news skill, as youtube skill stopped working for me and plex skill works quite better, I cannot test yourube skill right now.

I need to blacklist news skill, as I found it pretty useless, because there is just one spanish channel, and is a local channel from Valencia, so most of the news are irrelevant for global spanish-speakers… most are irrelevant for me, which I’m from Catalonia (the province just besides Valencia)

I think news skill should be invoked with “tell me the news”, instead of “play the news”, as I guess the word “play” is creating the conflict here.

Alright I’ve added a bunch of these suggestions as tests to the Skill and updated the matching functions, particularly for Common Play Queries.

If anyone is free to give it a test run, it’s on this branch:

Hey the update is now live so should be updating on all devices automatically. Would love to hear how you find it :slight_smile:

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