New Youtube Channel - Lots of Mycroft

Hey Guys I haven’t been as active on here but I’m very active in slack and in the mycroft community. My handle is btotharye, I’ve been pretty involved in the docker stuff and a lot of the documentation as I find things wrong. I’ve done quite a bit around skills and have just built some simple ones to show people how things work as well as more involved ones using home assistant and other tools to automate houses etc.

I’m posting to ask that if anyone is new to mycroft or is looking for an active content for videos and such please check out my new youtube channel. I have a few videos posted I just started it up this week but there will be a lot of videos coming and I will probably crank out 2-3 a week. I’m about to post one up on creating a skill using the star wars api to get data about star wars. The topics will include a lot of how to’s, setting it up, etc whatever people want to see really.

Thanks again for the support:

Brian aka btotharye


Highly suggest this youtube channel. Great how to videos!