New voice assistant code

After 5+ years of trying, I’m finally to the point of a beta solution, which is a fork of Ken Smith’s “Minimy”.

Like any project, it has pros and cons - here’s my humble take on them:


  • Robust music playing vocabulary, including playlists
  • Music file indexing, Internet radio, Internet music, NPR news support
  • Spoken messages support languages other than English (dialog/ll-vv/*.dialog files)
  • Well documented (
  • Easy to install (hopefully)
  • Small code base, thus a good learning platform
  • FOSS (of course)


  • Will not run on the Mark II
  • Input grammar hard coded to English
  • Still issues with TTS timing out/getting confused
  • Not nearly as extensible as OVOS/Neon
  • Small community

I don’t in any way want to compete or take away from OVOS/Neon - I just needed to get something running after Mycroft died. OVOS/Neon is much better architected and supported.

Feedback is welcome. If people know of other Internet radio stations, please send me some CSV records, a la

Thanks to the so many others who made this possible. I appreciate all that they have done.

-Mike Mac

Congrats Mike! Glad to see you got a solid beta platform running!

Thanks Mike JG! Your support is welcome :slight_smile:

That’s great news Mike! We love your Boombox project, and are very happy to see you succeeding. :slight_smile: It’s shocking how much better I like the sound of music resonating through wood. Excellent video, looks like you’ve got your MVP. :slight_smile:

In my view, community success is always worth sharing and celebrating. Whatever you built it on, we’re happy to see things being built. With open source, you never know what projects may eventually intersect and build on each other. It would be a waste to not welcome sharing of what someone has built just because it isn’t part of the “core” project at that moment.


Thanks Clary for the kind words. :smile: It’s a pleasure working with this community. Truly.

-Mike Mac

We’re wondering if you (or anyone else) think they might be able to get your very helpful list of radio stations playing through Neon as well? :slight_smile:
We would be happy to offer a Mark II “bounty” for enabling that functionality somehow.

get your very helpful list of radio stations

Here are 150+: minimy-mike99mac/skills/user_skills/mpc/radio.stations.csv at main · mike99mac/minimy-mike99mac · GitHub

-Mike Mac
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