New version being Feb?

Being Feb is it new version time?
Maybe Deepspeech 0.7+ ?
Not sure what else but just getting to grips with Mycroft so am I right Feb/Aug releases?

New version of…?
Deepspeech hasn’t released .7 yet.
There’s releases all the time, check github.

“Twice a year Mycroft releases major versions – in February and August.”

Major version I should of said.

Never noticed the alpha on the tag for deepspeech so guess 6.1

I have a few things on order and was just going to start my Mycroft experience on the new major release

yes mycroft has to releases a year, and 20.02 seems to be right around the corner…

If you cant wait, just us the dev branch as that is what becomes 20.02.

git checkout dev

in the mycroft-core directory.

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Nope would seem perfect timing as waiting for some bits and bobs so wait is no problem

Start now. :slight_smile:

The update, when it comes, shouldn’t be a huge change. It’s possible a tweak to the dev_setup script may happen, but even with that would be worth getting dirty now to see what it’s like for you. Particularly if you have odd audio setups!

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I may well start tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hey all, the 20.02 release is right around the corner!

If you are comfortable running on the dev branch then please do. We always test commits before they reach dev and we rarely have to revert changes. However it does help us to have more people and devices running the development branch to catch issues before they are released to all users.